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Lululemon + Jill Kennedy Yoga + The Life iS aRt SERIES

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The first event in THE Life iS aRt SERIES:

Sunday, April 15th, 9:30 AM  at Lululemon Athletica in Calabasas.








EpicEveryDay is excited to announce the first event in the “Life iS ART”series with Jill Kennedy Yoga and Lululemon Athletica. Jill Kennedy truly lives EpicEveryDay and shares her passion for life with her students and friends all day, everyday. Read Lululemon’s manifesto on it’s iconic red bags and every statement speaks to doing something EpicEveryDay.

A picture, a painting, a song are all beautiful things, but truly, the most beautiful thing in this world is the way we move through it. Our life is art. Each individual is a their own Picasso.

The “Life iS aRt SERIES” is is a celebration of our life, our art.


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