Jill Kennedy Yoga


Jill Kennedy, RYT, CYT is a Registered Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Alliance and a Certified Yoga and Meditation Therapist. Jill has a passion for teaching, practicing, and living the Yin (feminine) and the Yang (masculine) of Yoga.  An avid yoga practitioner for 15+ years, Jill’s practice began as a means to restore and regenerate the years of beating her body took in competitive athletics, healing injuries, and calming a “monkey mind”.

Jill thrives on living from the inside out…healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy spirit.  Her daily intention is to align her teachings with the way she strives to live: an honest, balanced, purposeful, and EPIC life.

Jill teaches Guided Meditation Circles, Power Yoga and music-infused Vinyasa Flow Classes (linking breath with movement) integrating traditional and non-traditional yoga postures with focus on alignment, strength, balance, and intention…a moving meditation with a dash of humor, heat, and a whole lot of rhythm that is a great way to reconnect with the innate power and peace that resides within all of us.  Her group meditation classes are held in Westlake Village and Calabasas, CA. Jill works privately with individual clients and small groups.  Private clientele ranges from teens to seniors addressing specific needs highlighting pain management, stress reduction, and yoga for athletes.

Additionally, Jill shares the gifts of Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga to women and men with physical injuries and limitations, as well as to those in recovery for Drug/Alcohol, Body Image Disorders, and Mental Health Special Needs.  Jill teaches Viniyoga, personalizing practices to suit individual needs supporting balance, wellness, and overall health.  Her group work includes guided visualization and meditation classes as well as rites of passage for recovery.

Jill’s teaching and ever-evolving understanding of yoga has been profoundly impacted through Teacher Trainings with Erich Schiffmann, Sarah Powers, Seane Corn, and Lisa Walford.   Additionally, Bryan Kest, Bradlee Frierott, Cheri Clampett, and Drorit Rudin have strongly marked her yoga journey, inspiring a passionate commitment to the practice both on and off of the yoga mat. 

Jill is a Lululemon Ambassador in Calabasas, CA, a partnership to further connect, educate, and raise consciousness in our community.  Jill believes it is her life’s work to share the healing tools of Yoga…to Restore, Renew, and Inspire EPIC lives of Bliss, Love, Peace and Self-Empowerment.  She is the first Team Leader for EpicEveryDay, a non-profit organization created to inspire and motivate others to dream big,  follow thru, and live and lead epic lives.  Do something EpicEveryDay, Making the Everyday Sacred.  Practice Yoga. LIVE YOGA.