What They Say

A gifted yoga Teacher and Practitioner that has a commanding lucid grace of the practice while providing a restorative healing touch, a wonderful and unique combination. Jill creates a naturally safe yet challenging space allowing the Yogi (privately or in-group) to genuinely elevate and develop their own personal boundaries, Jill accomplishes this beautifully with intelligentsia and humor. If you find your self on the mat labored with that noisy ‘list of aliments’ of the mind & body.
…simply put …
Jill has an implausible effect on your practice; you will be hard pressed to recall any heaviness of aliments as your mat is rolled up… The results are deliciously long lasting…
Beautiful gifts indeed. Thank you Yogi!

Todd Curtis | Curtis Films | CEO / Founder


If you’re open to being guided and coached by a teacher who is fully alive and awake to the present moment and all that’s in it, Jill’s for you. She drinks from a deep cup of life and teaches by offering her students that very cup.

D. Hirsch | Middle-aged, overweight, happy, and striving husband of 4 with very tight legs, bad knees and garden variety arthritis


What can I say about Jill…she is an amazing yoga instructor and person.  Sunshine comes to mind; bright, energizing, warm and comforting.  Her classes are challenging, fun and set to great music. The flow of poses will be different every time, and you will feel comfortable working at your pace and rhythm, stepping it up or backing away as your body tells you; Jill truly gives you the space and encouragement to do this.  I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to take her classes; and have her wonderful energy as part of my life.

Diane Woods – Malibu, California


Jill is so much more than a yoga teacher.  She challenges and inspires us to find our truest nature and most authentic selves.  I always look forward to her classes and when she teaches me one-on-one.  I know it will be a great ride and I will feel so great for days afterward.

Gilena Simons | Creative


I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to practice yoga with Jill.  Jill has an amazing way of speaking to her students so that the practice develops with ease.  Jill’s class does not only provide a rich and rewarding yoga practice, but Jill teaches in a way that leads her students to go deeper in their practice or to modify poses when necessary for students of all levels in her yoga class. I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful teacher with an encouraging and supportive yoga teaching style.

Julie Engel | Boston, Mass.


Every once in a rare while, we encounter a teacher whose commitment and dedication to her work shines through from her very core.  We witness and appreciate these gems in the nature and style of their classes, in their open and centered communication, and in the very essence of their being and energy as they carry themselves in and outside of the studio.  Jill Kennedy is one of these gifted teachers, one to whose class I continue to return, over and over.   

Peter Stanmeyer | Holistic Nutritionist | Surfer

Jill has brought an amazing gift to us, with the Meditation Circle we hold weekly.  She is an amazing spirit, a divine light, and yet, really very down-to-Earth approachable.  We look forward to every week and come in with an open mind, knowing that somehow, Jill will transform us in some way.  We even had a positive, life-changing move happen for a member of our circle!  Jill is an inspiration and an enlightened soul – we are so grateful that she is willing to share herself with us.

Cory Jakl | Banana Rose Owner | Westlake Village CA


I can only describe Jill and her meditation circles as a beautiful blessing in my life.  Just as the St Francis prayer asks to be a channel of thy peace, Jill’s divinely inspired guided meditations channel that peace, love and spirituality into my life. I will forever consider her meditation circles a priority in my spiritual journey.

Mary Myers | Los Angeles, CA | Photographer